11 September 2007

Lester is green and a bird; I am a woman and not green though I like to wear green; once I think someone told me that “blondes look good in green.” perhaps it was the 7th grade teacher but I was not in 7th grade at the time. Is it true that blondes look good in green? Lately I’ve been wearing more purple, a color I associate with hippie poet peoples; please don’t come in the room during this exercise, I cannot write with someone looking over my shoulder because I always feel like I should not be writing and should instead be working, making money I mean, because writing is working, a speaker is working and newspaper print gets all over my fingers.

10 September 2007


Well, go where? We got rid of a box without meaning to but there was nothing left in the box for it to matter. The carpet is terrible and covers a floor that is probably worse. Here we go to the land of parrots and millet, sentimentalizing animals; probably animal otherness is gendered. No I mean that feelings about the relative otherness of animals is gendered. You turn of the light in the room a lot when I am still in here; we often forget where we are and where the other is, even in our case where the other that is each other is so intimate--that we don’t have to relate to similarity, or that what is similar has nothing to do with relating or not relating.