16 March 2008

Elongated limbs, for once, but the usual dry fingers and slight trouble inhaling and exhaling--I've been told that I should focus more on exhaling, and that this will make inhaling easier and more productive, but I wonder why I couldn't do the opposite and have it work just as well. The lungs can't fill up until they've been emptied and vice versa.

Sore calves--maybe from the hike in the Daley Ranch yesterday? My calves are rarely sore.

12 March 2008

SoCal snowblindness
visible happiness & specialized dogs
she spoke Spanish at
Santa Fe train station

Are from

excessive satisfaction

"She's not really happy but" bruiser
Our team won. I saw one really good wave.
I can't really describe it.

Later. Doc.

Hauled out to see or bashed in.
Overwrought echo

her have some more love

ing danse de

Everyone receives greeting


"It is broken" "Thank you!"
I want my retirement funds.
"Doesn't the hummingbird's aggression trouble you?"
Far away speaker phone undefined budget

I am reluctant to disclose my interests

You should not have hired a poet to do a poet's job. He said

The love affair was not an affair, only fashion--

When you stop talking about money I become uncomfortable.
Pirate ship fantasies! I've never loved someone
stupid. I am so smart. Backache sweatpants.

I said happy holidays and she said are you Jewish.
Then she said"what do you know about the 70s?"

California is the 70s. The lake is fake and
now it's polluted.

"Are you riding your bike because you drive
a big gas-guzzling SUV?" He asked. I said
"You are a bad flirt."

Peel off my skin, love,
you can start with my face.
Fuck the energetic young people.
Neighbourly excess fish No recognition
nothing formal more or less clothing

"He likes to work," she said, pouring
the wine into a decanter.
Apparently disposable grandparents.
A student sent me a link to her personal soft core porn site. I'm bragging--she sent it to the whole class.
People make stew Throw things at tigers

I'd rather role model for a parrot

I am vegetarian and would never eat

such things I leave all my money

to my son "Your parrot is like

a fireplace" The new year started

watery "Design is a passion" Surrender

to grace and mindfulness No day will

work: I don't want to see you

I want your financial problems

to be problems
I was upside down and I thought Hey Rod
you need something
a poem

Tell me about your feelings then how
you're feeling like they're the
only ones
in the room

When I wrote this that's how it was
It was like that when I read it too

maybe turn off something
treesorchidshumminbbirdfeeder The balcony's
too low for an effective suicide

I don't want to be in my beloved's arms when I die