02 November 2009

11.3 Workshop

“Extreme California cheerleading,” nearly on the

tracks—open, open! Something happened

in some decade—a different decade than

this one. Something from—Spin. Rip. Foreign

and domestic. And small engines. Somehow this

is still the age of the car, not the plane.

The computer. Not…..a narrow loss. Time—

of course, is overstated. Love, I’m so tired.

Something about Cupid’s arrow becoming fleas

or mosquitoes—how corazon is masculine but open

can be either. Descriptions and modifiers can be

either. “Outbreak.” No—“Geekstreak.” “Sequoia

Corporate Office.” A mother. Son. And—

Space Aliens (LA Times 10.29.09). A policeman is

a male siren. Attorney—Atty. Leaning forward while

walking, leaning. Recession retreats at Spa

L’Auberge, coffee and dogs—a piece. When

will I have short hair? “Keep arm in”—no

translation for that. Even marketing

needs to be marketed. Bus waves to bus.

As self—container—possibly a voice. Cabaret.

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